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At one point, Rio had a home, but unfortunately, was abused and abandoned. We did not know his real name and decided to name him after the city where he was found, Rio de Janeiro. Due to a spinal cord injury, Rio could not walk and was lying on ground, screaming in pain for days when we found him.


This rescue was very challenging and called 'Operation Rio.' After receiving information about Rio very late at night, we immediately dispatched a dog taxi (taxi service in Brazil that specializes in transporting rescued stray animals from the streets) that arrived and transported him to a 24/7 urgent care veterinary clinic one hour away. Rio was diagnosed with filariasis, tick disease and a serious spinal injury due to a fall. He also had a nose tumor and was thrown to the ground which impacted his neurological pain even greater.

Fortunately, Rio was rescued by great people who did not give up on him. After various different treatments, including acupuncture, Rio was given a second chance and has since learned how to walk again. Now, a year later, Rio lives with a beautiful family of humans and animals and sends his love to everyone that gave him a chance to bark again!

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