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UAR is a group of animal protectors and volunteers from different countries united by one mission --- saving animals in Brazil who are in need --- and we invite more like-minded individuals to join the mission and protect those that cannot protect themselves. Since 2020, we have saved thousands of animals, and with your help, we can save thousands more. Please UNITE with us to be the voice for those without one. 

Heart with dog paws

While our mission is to improve a broken system on a grand scale, it first starts with small steps. To succeed, we need volunteers on the ground to join our missions, clinics that can offer discounts when we pay for stray rescued animals, donors who can spare any money without hurting their own financial situation, and kindhearted humans who can shelter and adopt.

Outline of brazil

Our rescue was started by a group of animal advocates from Brazil, Germany and the United States of America who believe that animals and humans can co-exist peacefully without hurting one another. We chose to focus on Brazil as it has one of the world’s largest economies yet has one of the weakest animal protection legislations. It is our belief that this can be changed by not remaining silent and that such unjust treatment can be overcome by the acts of unity and kindness.

United fist

If you would like to stand UNITED with us on this mission, please visit the DONATE section of our website to learn about our current needs and how you can volunteer.

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