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UAR leads the entire rescue, from identification to adoption.


It starts with a call or a text. When someone reports an animal in need, the UAR team quickly mobilizes to determine the rescue plan and coordinate the resources needed.


Most animals are found abandoned on the side of the road or a building and need emergency transportation. UAR volunteers and professional animal transportation services locate the animal and transport he/she to the appropriate facilities.



UAR has partnered with multiple veterinary facilities throughout Brazil to provide medical care as well as shelter during rehabilitation. At these facilities, animals are provided any care needed for as long as they are needed. We do not give up on any animals; compassion has no time limit.

man and dog

After fulling recovering, UAR volunteers work with local partners to find new loving homes for our furry friends.

UAR's main areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

Vaccinating stray animals from fatal diseases including tick disease and distemper

Offering financial aid to pay veterinarian bills for homeless animals and pet owners unable to pay

Helping animal shelters who are in despair by providing food, pet beds and other assistance

Promoting and supporting animal protection legislative programs by working alongside animal protectors, local legislators and animal protection organizations

Providing aide to sick and elderly people to help care for their animals 

Supporting educational program in schools to create the next generation of veterinarians and animal lovers

Fixing stray animals

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